You can wax when you are pregnant up until the week before you deliver per your comfort level.​Hair length should be between 2-4 weeks of growth.
You can wax if you are on your period. Just put in a new tampon before you come in.Pleas do not trim down your hair. Your esthetician will do that for you.
It will take a few consecutive waxes & home care for your skin to be baby smooth

Dermalogica is the skincare line used in all facials.

Chemical peels cannot be done during your very first facial. Your skin has to prepare for a chemical if you’ve never had one before.

Teen Facials are available with parent consent starting at age 15.

Pregnant women can be serviced.

A professional cosmetic line is  used for all tinting. Please be sure you are not allergic to any dyes.

Tints can last anywhere between 2-5 weeks.

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